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This is Venkat. I do independent recruitment exclusively to find the top professionals who love remote jobs. Write to me to work for you. I work as independent recruiter for Startups and also support in-house recruiters in their recruitment process.

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India – 91-9787618752

US – +1 605 610 1929 (Reaches my voice mail)

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Pricing: US $50 for one Job Posting. Have more jobs to post? US $99 for 3 jobs. Write to me if you have more than 3 jobs for which you are hiring talent.

Fill the form below for us to publish the job opening. You can choose to pay after we publish the job or send PayPal payments to –

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Too busy to fill the form? Send us a link to the Job Description. We will post it for you.

Benefits of Posting Job with us:

1.All Jobs are posted along with your company Logo for better visibility.

2. Social Media posts about the Job Opportunity every week until the next 4 weeks.

3. Job will be listed for 60 days. You could request for extending it to another 30 days.

Read why I created – My experience taught me that guiding someone to get a job is good karma