Junior Product Manager at WeLoveNoCode – Fully Remote


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We specialize in rapid product building for our clients, helping them create products without code (webpages, mobile apps, web services, etc.)

We learned how to create new products every 2 weeks and launch them at Product Hunt. And now, we want to share this knowledge with you.

If this is about you, contact us:

  • You have advanced English, and speak English as well as your native language.
  • You know how to write the perfect project description, so that the first version can be done in a week >You took Product Management courses, and the words JTBD, user story, RICE prioritization don’t make you want to google it 🙂
  • You know what NoCode is, and have worked with Tilda/Zapier as well.
  • You know how to do market analysis, competitor research, keywords analysis with tools like semrush/simillarweb/ahrefs.

What will you have to do?

We are launching new products every 2-3 weeks: Tutorials, Community, academy and so on. You will have to do market analysis on current trends, come up with ideas for new products, and manage nocoders to build MVPs. Also, you’ll need to define JTBD, help prioritize tasks, and communicate with knowcode developers with one goal in mind – to create new products that are useful to our users. Does that sound scary? Don’t worry, it’s possible 🙂 We will help you if you need it.

What do we give you for this?

Market salary

  • Training in the most popular no-code platforms
  • Independence for those who need it
  • Help and management for those who don’t need independence 🙂
  • Full Remote And then we will make a better company together.

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