My experience taught me that guiding someone to get a job is good karma

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I started my Career in Filmmaking, Editing and Photography back in 1999. I always wanted to be a Cinematographer and met a famous Cinemotographer to join as his assistant. Somehow, I was able to work in the post production of the Hindi Movie but couldn’t go to Shooting.

I continued to learn Film Editing and Screen writing. That’s when Google announced their Adsense programme in October 2003. I used to go to Cybercafe and make simple websites to earn money through Google Adsense.

Later, in 2006, I moved to Mumbai to teach Video Editing Software’s through workshops. In January 2009, I realized that I should live with my parents in Coimbatore and decided to do my MBA. That’s like continuing education after almost 10 years.

My love for SEO during the early days of Digital Marketing secured me a job in an IT organization in 2011.

I am happy to live in Coimbatore with my parents but eventually, I keep getting into issues at work. I was wondering if my life will be good in the long run? Because of my parent’s health, I do not want to move to other cities for work.

Meanwhile, I always enjoyed two things which I had been consistently doing all these years.

1.I used to advice people to continue their studies. If someone is an Under graduate, I used to tell them, they should consider doing a Post graduation. I have also motivated few to begin their Ph.D.

2.I also love guiding people to land in the right job.

I loved it when I speak to people who are trying for jobs and ask them not to give up. To be honest, I never directly got them any job. Just that, my words made them feel that they should have immense patience until they find the right opportunity.

I wanted to do something which helps people land in a job. I believe the best way to do it is by running a simple job website so that I will atleast be able to motivate people who are looking for a good career.

My own story made me realize that guiding someone to get a job is a good karma.

I had faced ups and downs in my Career all these 20 years. I completely stopped watching movies especially since it makes me remember my “Filmmaking days”.

I am using my Filmmaking skills once in a while when I make a few Promo videos. My Knowledge of Digital Marketing and the fact that I am learning Motion graphics now is certainly going to help me. Basically, Video Editing is what I love but it’s hard to get such jobs in Coimbatore, India.

I am surviving as of now but I could only say that I am surviving. I keep asking myself what would my life be like in the next 5 to 10 years. Maybe, I will never be in the market. I will be considered too old to fit into their culture.

These days, most organizations speak about culture but the years back, when none spoke about the concept called culture, the culture was actually better.

Startups and Corporates are getting complicated because of internal politics and conflict of interest. So one should learn how to interact with good people and manage bad people at work.

Some people will always face issues at work no matter how skillful they are. So there should be someone who tells them “Your time will come. Hold on”

I wish to do this. I wish to be someone who gives a hope for those who are desperately in need of it.

This is why I created SaiRemoteJobs.

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